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The basic function of relay is to switch and control the relay coil to make the working contact of relay close or open. One end of the contact is connected with the current of the main line, and the other end is connected with the electrical appliance to be controlled, so as to realize the small current to control the large current and prevent the switch from being burnt out by the large current. Protect the circuit. As the car enters into intelligence, without electricity, it is impossible to realize intelligent interconnection and make people feel better experience. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend that relays are widely used in automobiles.
Automotive relay is an automatic control device that the output will jump when the input (magnetic, electrical, acoustic, optical and thermal) reaches a certain value. Therefore, this kind of automobile relay has high load switching power, high shock resistance and vibration resistance. Most of the power supply voltage in the car is 12V, and the coil voltage is generally designed to be 12V. Due to the battery power supply and unstable voltage, the overall environmental conditions are relatively bad now, the suction voltage V is less than or equal to 60% VH (rated working voltage), and the coil overvoltage is allowed to reach 1.5vh. The coil power consumption is large, generally 1.6 to 2W, with high temperature rise. More stringent environmental requirements: in the engine compartment, the minimum temperature range is - 40 ℃ and the maximum temperature is 125 ℃. The environmental temperature range of other locations is - 40 ℃ to 85 ℃; the relay used in the engine compartment should be able to withstand the damage of oil, water, sand, dust and salt; because the vehicle is a vehicle, it is quite harsh to vibration and impact. Therefore, the relay also put forward higher requirements.
What parts of automobile relays should be used in automobiles? This point can be thought of, where electricity is needed, relays are needed to control and protect. The car relay mainly controls the lights for driving at night (of course, some cars have day light), horn, air conditioner, driving computer, igniter, etc. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us!!!!!!