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The relay of the control element controls the closing action by generating the minimum current of the pull-in action. Generally in use, the given current needs to be slightly greater than the pull-in current, reaching this standard, the relay can work normally and stably. The working voltage applied to the coil shall not exceed 1.5 times of the rated working voltage normally. If the voltage is greater than this multiple, a larger current will be generated and the coil will be burned.
From the application of control components, the relay has the following advantages:
1、 Zoom in. For example: intermediate relay, sensitive relay and so on, using a very small control quantity, can control the high power circuit.
2、 Integrated signal. For example, when multiple control signals are input into multi winding relay according to the specified form, the predetermined control effect is achieved through comparison and synthesis.
3、 Automatic, remote control, monitoring. For example: the relay on the automatic device and other electrical appliances can form an automatic program control circuit to realize automatic operation.
4、 Expand the scope of control. For example: when the control signal of multi-contact relay reaches a certain value, the multi-channel circuit can be changed, disconnected and connected according to different forms of contact groups.