What are the contact forms and symbols of relays?

Generally speaking, the relay is composed of two parts: the contact and the coil, so the graphic symbols in the relay circuit diagram also include two parts


What is the function of relay in application?

What is the function of relay in application? In principle, relay is an automatic switch element with isolation function, which is widely used in relay communication, remote control, telemetry, automatic control, mechatronics and power electronic equipment as a very important control element.


Relay benefits from China's rapid entry into the automotive society, and is also widely used in the vehicle

The basic function of relay is to switch and control the relay coil to make the working contact of relay close or open. One end of the contact is connected with the current of the main line, and the other end is connected with the electrical appliance to be controlled, so as to realize the small current to control the large current and prevent the switch from being burnt out by the large current. Protect the circuit. As the car enters into intelligence, without electricity, it is impossible to realize intelligent interconnection and make people feel better experience. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend that relays are widely used in automobiles.


As the main element of control elements, what are the functions of relays?

The relay of the control element controls the closing action by generating the minimum current of the pull-in action. Generally in use, the given current needs to be slightly greater than the pull-in current, reaching this standard, the relay can work normally and stably. The working voltage applied to the coil shall not exceed 1.5 times of the rated working voltage normally. If the voltage is greater than this multiple, a larger current will be generated and the coil will be burned.